Thrifting Haul!



So last week while I was down doing my bi-monthly shopping trip I decided to stop in to Goodwill to see if I could find any treasures, which obviously by the picture shown above, I did, times three!

Little known fact about me, I LOVE kitchen stuff. I love to cook and bake and ever since I got my very own kitchen after getting married (eleven years ago) I have been obsessed with anything and everything kitchen-esque! Mose recently I have fallen in love with vintage kitchen stuff, including cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, bakeware, and most definitely Pyrex!

The above shown gems are:

  • A Mirro Aluminum Muffin Pan ~ Paid ONLY $0.75 (pink tags were 50%)!
  • Pyrex Town and Country Oval Casserole Dish #045, 2.5 qt. ~ 1960’s (Left) ~ Paid ONLY $2.99!
  • Pyrex Shenandoah 471-B 500 ml Cinderella Casserole 1 Pint ~ 1980’s (Right) ~ Paid ONLY $1.99!

What do you think? I think I’m in love…