HOT ~ Kensington Books Kindle eBooks Sale on Amazon!

HURRY, right now there are quite a few Kensington Books on Sale at Amazon for ONLY $1.99 each! I found several from some of my favorite authors, and I went on a one-click frenzy!

Barbara Allan, A Trash N Treasure Mystery Series

AntiqueSlayRide     Antique Slay Ride (#7.5)

antiquescon     Antiques Con (#8)

AntiquesSwap     Antiques Swap (#9)

Lynn Cahoon, Tourist Trap Mystery Series

ShoeKills     If The Shoe Kills (#3)

DressedtoKill     Dressed to Kill (#4)

Nancy Coco, A Candy-Coated Mystery Series

AllFudgedUp     All Fudged Up (#1)

ToFudgeornot     To Fudge or not to Fudge (#2)

OhSayFudge     Oh Say Can You Fudge (#3)

Colette London, A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery Series

CriminalConfections     Criminal Confections (#1)


ENJOY and Get Reading!