Book Review ~ Chasing Perfect by Melanie Shawn


Chasing Perfect (The Someday Series, 4) by Melanie Shawn


They’d been best friends since elementary school, knew each other’s secrets, and supported each other in times of need…Sandy Cooper and Hunter Blakely were there for each other no matter what…until one epic graduation night changed everything…

For Sandy, her sexy best friend knew too much of the life she wanted to get away from. She wanted to start fresh but also keep the one constant in her life; his unwavering friendship and support. And she was willing to push her growing feelings for him down in order to protect their special friendship.

Hunter always knew that the gorgeous blonde was all he wanted, and even though her rejection hurt, he was willing to do whatever it took to prove to her that they belonged together in every way.

When it comes to Chasing Perfect, sometimes you don’t have to travel very far.

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Melanie Shawn has been one of my favorite authors since I was introduced to her Crossroads Series, and when I got the chance to dive into a different series, The Someday Series, I dove in head first. Even though this is the fourth book in the series, I didn’t mind picking up in the middle of the series because I know that all of Melanie’s books can be read as standalone books.

I can’t say it enough, Melanie Shawn’s books just keeps getting better and better! Chasing Perfect was amazing! This love story was fun because it was based around true friendship and the love that can bloom out of that. I think what I love the most was that yes, there was crazy attraction, but the relationship was built and founded from friendship and the characters realizing that what they have been searching for has been in front of them all along. The Someday Series is built around a younger, more risque group of people, which is a change from Melanie’s other books, yet just as hot and lovable. Melanie Shawn has an ability to keep their readers engaged in the story. They make you want to live with these people and be friends with them. All of Melanie’s books always have the perfect blend of romance, heat and plot.

This can be ready as a standalone novel, even though reading just this book will not be enough, you will have to read the entire series!

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Goodreads | Amazon ~ This was released November 30, 2015 and is selling for only $3.99!