meSo, who is the Classy Cheapskate? That would be me, I’m Katrina and since I started working and making my very own money at the age of 16, I have been a cheapskate, at least that is what I have called myself. You see, I have always had a problem with paying retail for anything and I have a problem handing over my hand-earned money when I think everything is grossly overpriced! So up until 6 years ago being a Classy Cheapskate meant buying clearance or thrifting and trying to hit up any sale I could find. Enter in two children and moving to a very small town 90 miles from any chain store and you get todays version of a Classy Cheapskate, a couponing, deal-seeking, freebie-hunting, stockpiler who stretches every dollar that comes my way.

If you’re a Classy Cheapskate, like me, or if you want to be, come join the fun as I will teach you all of my tricks!

xo, Katrina